Customer Support

Digital Customer Support Trends 2021

While some companies are still chatting with paper letters, we know the main 2021 trends in customer support and are ready to share them with you.

Automation and Speed

We have already talked more than once about how important the speed of response to a request is, and 63% of users expect companies to have accounts on social networks. It is also the cheapest way to communicate with clients. Brands should think about it.

  • Communication with the consumer on a convenient platform.

  • Social media is a cheap and practical way to communicate.

Keep your distance!

The Corona crisis has accelerated the transition of brands online. Those who managed to adapt to the new realities feel good, but those who are late now have to catch up with leaps and bounds to stay afloat. And this is the third trend: Social Distancing.

  • Transition of offline business to online. Online sales, home delivery.

  • Emotional connection with the client.

  • Fair effect. The business now has to remind itself more often on social networks so that the consumer knows that the business is alive and ready to provide its goods and services.

Individual approach

We are all human and love attention. Regardless of what era we live in and what technologies it creates, Man remains unchanged.

– Business focuses on the human factor.

– Businesses are starting to invest more and more money in customer care.

Employees must truly love their brand to energize and infect people around to use it. Less than 1% of companies focus on analyzing the emotional component of dialogues. Although new technical solutions are coming, which are not so expensive and are available not only to large businesses, but also to medium and small ones. Therefore, to keep up with the trends, it is necessary to turn on and analyze the emotional component right now.

Brands have become more likely to give gifts to customers to remind them of themselves and their existence. The client regularly pays attention to a useful/pleasant gift, so the brand should know it.

Emotional speech

– Feel free to add stickers, emojis, gifs, live reactions, and any other activities to the correspondence with the client.

– Advertise and disseminate information about the brand to the maximum in the maximum number of channels.

– Involve employees, let them become brand ambassadors.

– Pay attention to emotional analysis. Personalization and emotional responsiveness are our EVERYTHING.


How to prepare for the opening of a digital agency and help companies develop on the Internet?

Digital agencies are responsible for the company’s presence on the Internet: they create websites, corporate identity, branding and are engaged in promotion. Experimentally, business owners find out what sells better and which services should be completely excluded.

Choose a direction of work

Each digital agency has its own functions and priorities, which they identified at the start or developed with experience. Direction options look like this:

  • creating a brand concept and website development;
  • branding and rebranding;
  • marketing and consulting;
  • design and corporate identity;
  • SEO optimization and internet promotion.
  • An agency can offer all the services from this list or work only in two or three directions.

Don’t be too restrictive

Companies that want to create or develop their product on the Internet turn to digital agencies. Your clients can be banks, shops, construction companies, or educational platforms. For example, a bank needs a corporate identity, a technology store needs analytics and marketing strategy, an online school needs blog content, SMM, and targeted advertising.

The structure of an agency depends on the services it provides. If you want to create websites, hire a developer and designer. If you are engaged in the promotion, then you need a marketer and an SMM specialist. Any agency needs a sales manager to look for clients and sell services, and an account manager to communicate with clients.

Studying the competitive environment

When creating an advertising agency, it is not enough to rely only on good knowledge of your business. It is necessary to take into account the real needs of customers. To understand which services are most in-demand in your city or region, it is best to order a marketing research of the local market, but this is quite expensive. The initial analysis of competitors can be carried out independently using service aggregator sites. All significant players are represented in catalogs, you can track what they offer and at what price.